Terms & Conditions

The Fine Print

Please note that in order to maintain our high levels of service and professional standards, the following terms and conditions do apply.

Failure To Attend Or Complete Course

Please note that no refunds, fees, or deposits will be made in the event that a student does not complete the course for any reason, or fails to attend a confirmed course. For example: illness, personal problems, pregnancy, relocation, change in personal circumstances, changed mind, death in the family, and so on. There will also be no entitlement to a later- date course gained. In the unlikely event that the course is cancelled by the academy, please refer to the terms below.

Course Deposits

Deposits are non-refundable but will be credited against the course fee.

Treatment Booking Terms

In order to best accommodate all clients needs, we ask for a 12 hour cancellation notice for all appointments. Though this is not always possible, please let us know as soon as possible so that scheduling adjustments can be made. Cancellations not made 12 hours prior to appointment time will not have their booking deposit refunded.
If a client arrives more than 5 minutes late for their appointment time we may not be able to accommodate some, or all, of the scheduled services due to booking constraints. If the remaining appointment time will not allow for completion of the scheduled services, the client will be asked to reschedule for a later date and time and time. We suggest that clients arrive shortly before their scheduled appointment time to allow adequate time for the check-in process to take place, and to avoid any rescheduling for late arrivals.

A no-show client will not be entitled to deposit refund and may be asked to pay full price to secure another appointment.

ALL services are final. No refunds are available for any service. Clients have 48 hours from preformed service to address any issues and have them addressed.

Course or Treatment Cancellation By The Academy

We regret that fees or deposits can only be refunded in full if the academy cancels a service for any reason.

Course Diploma

All outstanding fees and debts must be paid to the academy before you can be issued with a diploma or certificate.

Course Enrolment

We reserve the right to refuse enrolment to any of the courses we offer.